6 Ways to Hone Your Psychic Sight: Your Guide to Tapping into Clairvoyance

Hello, fellow intuitive friends of the unseen! Ever had a dream so vivid it felt like a memory? Or a flash of an image, a hunch, before something happened? If you nodded yes, welcome to the fascinating realm of clairvoyance or, as I like to call it, our own in-built ‘psychic Google Earth.’ What is […]

How to Stay Healthy & Happy During the Holiday Season

Feeling a bit crazed with the holidays approaching?? Over scheduled with family dinners, shopping, decorating, party planning, and the million other obligations you have over committed yourself to between now and the holidays. With all of these obligations, it is so easy to put your happiness, health and self-care last on your holiday list. It’s true […]

11/11/18 Happy Manifesting Day!! What Do You Want?

Take advantage of todays powerful spiritual energies that are surrounding us.  Do you often see the number combinations of 11:11 or 111 or any combinations of 1?  Well then continue reading this… This is a reminder to really put your spiritual practice to work today. Five easy steps to kick start your manifestation: Relax & […]

Connect. Listen. Learn…3 Steps to Achieving Your Goals!!

3 Easy Steps to Achieving Your Goals… ?1) Connect…learn to connect with your higher self, your inner wisdom, intuition, God/ Universe. How do you do this? Sit up, close your eyes, and just relax!!! Need help connecting???Play soft music or sit by water… I have even done this in the shower!!? ??2) Listen…to the thoughts […]

Eat Intuitively & Lose Weight!!

Want to lose weight and feel better? Tired of all the fad diets that don’t work?Try eating consciously and intuitively. Meaning LISTEN to your body. Your body knows what’s good for it and what’s not good for it. I don’t mean listening to your ego (emotion). Yes you heard me, your body did not tell […]