Want to lose weight and feel better? Tired of all the fad diets that don’t work?Try eating consciously and intuitively. Meaning LISTEN to your body. Your body knows what’s good for it and what’s not good for it. I don’t mean listening to your ego (emotion). Yes you heard me, your body did not tell you to eat the entire jar of Nutella while binging on Netflix.!! Lol

I have lost 25 pounds in only a couple of months by doing this. I no longer eat in front of a TV, look at my phone or have any other distractions while eating. I connect with my food. Sounds weird, but it works. I am forced to consciously and intuitively connect with all the food I’m ingesting. And when you do this you will notice a drastic change in your diet. You will notice any foods that your body doesn’t like, you will no longer be interested in. Emotionally you’ll no longer beat yourself up for not following a rigid diet that is unrealistic. Instead you will want to continue making your body feel better, and mind too!! One tip that’s effective is only buy fresh foods and keep them out where your whole family can enjoy. Once I started doing this, I notice even my kids were eating fresh fruit instead of going for the chips. ???

I’m here to help if you have any questions. ❤️❤️Have a happy day!!! Hugs and love, Deirdre