If you stumbled upon this post, this message is for you. I picked four cards and here they are…

The Hanged Man, Ace of Wands, Wheel of Fortune & The Hierophant.

? Career… you have been working really hard at your career/business and have had your highs and lows, your making many sacrifices, and been using your intuition to persevere.
With all your effort & intuition, your enterprise is beginning to pay off and will become a great success with continued hard work. If you have not started your business yet, this is the time to start, there will be great new beginnings!!! If needed hire a mentor, teacher, financial expert, etc to get you to the next level of your business/ career.

❤️Love/ Relationship… Any new or old relationships are paused right now in order for growth and higher learning to occur. So either your not with anyone right now or your existing relationship is moving VERY SLOW!! Take advantage of this quiet time to learn and grow. Then new beginnings will happen successfully…whether your rekindling with an old relationship or meeting someone new. Great success will happen, some of you will get quickly into committed relationships and others will move quickly into marriage!!??

?Spirituality….and lastly spiritually, it’s the same message as career except apply the word career/ business into spirituality. You are working really hard on yourself, and all your hard work is finally paying off. You’re going to have great success with your mind, body and spirit. Remember the universe always has your back. Listen to your intuition, your being guided to become healers, spiritual advisers, psychics and more. Spiritual books and classes are suggested to continue your progression and success.

Hope you enjoyed your messages!!
Love and hugs!!! Deirdre Balarezo Abrami