If you get bored with drinking water like I do, drink hot or cold green tea. The perks of drinking green tea can improve your health, brain function, burn fat and act as an antioxidant and prevent your risk of cancer.

A super important way to feel and grounded during the holiday season is be organized.  I feel creating to-do-lists really helps with staying on task and being more calm.  By having plan of actions in place, versus being scattered, will help you reduce stress and aggravation. Trust me on this one, I was an event planner for over 20 years, I had to be organized to execute successful events.

This holiday season, give yourself a gift of saying no.  Fire yourself from being the over achiever, and over obligating yourself to your family and friends.  Just because you have taken charge every holiday tradition, doesn’t mean you need to this year.  Remember the holidays are suppose to be bring your joy and cheer, not stress.  So repeat after me…NO, I am just doing me this year!!! See that was easy. Because when you are happy, everyone else will be too.

Another way to ensure you will remain happy and healthy during this holiday season is to remember to take breaks to rejuvenate your energy.  How are you to be the happy hostess if you are burnt out and exhausted? Practice being mindful and resting your body and soul throughout the day.  You will stay more energized, happy and healthy.

With much love,

Deirdre Abrami