Take advantage of todays powerful spiritual energies that are surrounding us.  Do you often see the number combinations of 11:11 or 111 or any combinations of 1?  Well then continue reading this…

This is a reminder to really put your spiritual practice to work today.

Five easy steps to kick start your manifestation:

  1. Relax & get centered. Sit up, and close your eyes. Begin breathing in deeply for 10 seconds, then hold for 10 and breathe out through your mouth for 10. Repeat this three or more times until you feel relaxed and centered.
  2. Make your request/ pray. Once you are centered, begin asking God/Universe what you are desiring right now.  Say it simply and directly. Less is best and more clear.
  3. Mediation & breathing. Next continue closing your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes, just breathing. Repeat above steps to deepen your spiritual meditative state. Listen to spa relaxing music to assist you with your mediation.  I burn white candles and incense to assist with my relaxing techniques.
  4. Positive affirmations. Once your meditation is complete, begin affirming the top 3 things you want to manifest. For example, if you want more money in your life, I suggest you affirm “I am abundant,” I am rich,” “I am successful” are just three examples of what you could say out loud. I suggest writing these affirmations on white index cards in black marker and read them everyday until they are programmed into your mind. If you utilize all of your sense while holding your desire/intension, this will maginify your manifesting abilities.
  5. Journal action steps. I keep a pen and paper close by to write down any guidance I receive. They may come in a form of thoughts, images, feelings, words or sensations. Me personally hear an inner voice that speaks in my mind, and I just dictate every word I hear onto paper. I look forward to reading them back, and most often I am shocked of what I have received.  My business and personal life have expanded tremendously since I have made this a daily practice. It really is an exciting way to start off your morning with a cup of warm soothing tea.

These simple steps will help you get on your way to a new level of spiritual awareness. By becoming more aware, more opportunities will become available to you.  From new or improved love and romance, better health, and so on.  The Universe has infinite amount of possibilities for you.  All you need to do is get in a positive clear mind set, set your clear intensions of exactly what you want, then listen to what action steps to take. The Universe will guide you step by step. But you can only “hear” these steps by being quiet. Otherwise you miss window of opportunities. Do you want this to happen?

Now can you only practice these important manifesting steps on 11/11 or 1/11? The answer is NO!! It’s best described as premium gas versus regular.  Will my car still go with regular? Yes of course, but when I fill my car with premium, my car performs better.

Just remember the Universe only delivers what you think and say.  So if you think or say negative things, the Universe fills that order. If you think and say positive things, the Universe fills your order. So yes, you do have full control over your own destiny.  It all starts with a thought. So each day make it your priority to fill your order with exactly what YOU want.  If I told my Alexia to play country music, guess what she will play country music.  If I tell her to play disco, she plays disco. It really is that simple.  Speak to the Universe like you would speak to Alexa. Make your command simple and precise and then walk away.  Once I tell Alexa to play country music, I walk away and do something else, because I know she is working on my request.  I do not tell Alexa how, where or why.  See my point?  I just KNOW and have FAITH Alexa is completing the task I requested.

For best results, practice these suggestions daily.  Make them part of your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth. Don’t tell yourself, it’s another job to do. Remember the Universe always has a better and bigger plan then you ever desired!!! For you control freaks out there, just get out of your own way and…mediate mediate mediate!!! That truly is the answer to all of your success!!

Happy Manifesting Day!!

Love and blessings,