Are you aware that every word you use has energy? Whether for yourself or another person?  It is super important to be conscious of what you think and say. Your thoughts are important to the world.   Change starts with you.  If we want to make positive changes to the world, we have to equally contribute positive energy out to the world.  What does this mean? Very simply by starting your day off with positive thoughts and actions. Then continue by sharing your positive energy with your family, friends, neighbors and so forth.  With this positive ripple effect, consciousness begins to shift and positive results begin to take action.  I had the pleasure years ago to meet Dr.Massaru Emoto, Japanese researcher who claimed human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.  He has proven that by sending positive words and prayers to polluted water, the waters molecular structure had changed and the water became clean.  I tried this experiment on a plant in my yard that just seemed not to get enough sun.  I began for a week straight sending it loving thoughts.  I kept telling the plant how much I loved and appreciated it. Emote was right, my plant grew so big, I had to keep trimming it back! I also try this experiment on mean looking dogs. When I see an aggressive dog, I immediately send it loving kind thoughts.  Within seconds the dog will relax and want to lick me instead of bit me. My point is, if we stop adding negativity to all the drama shown with politics and other negative events, and begin sending loving positive thoughts…can you imagine how much the world would shift and change?? How can you contribute now? Three easy steps: Step one…stop reading negative social media posts, and watching negative news and gossip. Step two, when someone you know begins to talk negative, change the subject to something positive.  Your friend will not stop being negative? Then get rid of the friend. Ok maybe not get rid of them forever, but until they make their own shift. Step three, use kind words.  Be the change you want for the whole world to be.  This change does start with you.  Every warm, kind, thoughtful word you use today, can be a gift not only for yourself, but for someone else.

I love you, I appreciate you, and I am sincerely thankful to have you in my life!  Share this with others today. xoxo Deirdre