Make today your day to live the life you always wanted to live. Are you ready? Why wait until tomorrow? By putting off your future dreams, you will just make yourself unhappy and not feel authentic. You ask how can I accomplish my dreams? Very easily, step-by-step. There is no rush in accomplishing your dreams, your the only one judging. So stop judging and start dreaming, and dream BIG! One quick way to kick-start your dreams is through contrast. What do I mean by contrast? Contrast means when you are presented with a person or situation that you do not like. What this does for you is show you options, they are not challenges. The Universe gives us choices by presenting contrast. Contrast helps us grow and learn what we enjoy and what we do not enjoy. It really is that simple. Once you look at life as being given lots of choices, instead of being thrown a bunch of turmoil and disappointments, your life will begin to change amazingly. Start doing an inventory of past relationships, and be thankful for everyone you have been with in your past. Once you realize everyone from your past is for growth, and they help you get closer to your goals, you will feel lighter and less resentful. Do the same for past actions you regret. Remember there are no mistakes or accidents, we attract everything that is meant to be into our lives. In order to successfully manifest your dreams, you must be happy without past regrets. The sooner you begin cleaning out your closests of old resentments, the faster you will accomplish your dreams. Do not wait until tomorrow, start today. I promise you, your energy will begin to shift, and once it does, new opportunities will come easily into your life!!

Have a happy day!!! With love and joy, Deirdre