I am truly an outdoor girl at heart.  I grew up on a beach in New York, and my days were spent outside boating, swimming, collecting shells and sunbathing. As an adult when I feel “off” I know I must re-connect with nature and go outside. Although I love the gym to exercise, I do need to be outdoors and be in nature.  I find walking everyday is a great way to stay in-balance. Not only is it great exercise for my body, its mostly for my mind.  It helps ground me.  I receive so many important intuitive messages while walking. It becomes my daily meditation to inspire me.  Do you have stress? Start walking. Having trouble sleeping? Start walking. Need clarity with life’s issues? Start walking.  Get the point yet?  When I am stressed, worried or not clear, I make myself walk, and once I do, negativity disappears almost immediately.  Not only will walking help maintain weight loss, it can help you get into your flow.  Once you are in your flow, is when miracles appear in your life. In order to successfully manifest, you must be in your flow.  Start your daily walks today, and watch how your life fall right into place abundantly!

xoxo Deirdre