I’m in flow when I am happy. When I’m happy, I can manifest anything!

While walking today, I noticed these amazingly happy ducks. They seem so content walking along with each other, and enjoying each other’s company. You can tell they are in their flow. How do we manifest great things and get into our flow? This is one of the top questions clients ask me during a session. The answer really is simple…Get Happy! Energetically you must be a match to what you want. For example if you want more money, you must feel and think happy about money that’s already coming your way. If you want a romantic partner, start feeling really excited about this new partner coming into your life. You can take it to another level and make room for their clothes in a drawer. The biggest key is being and feeling HAPPY. I know it sounds so simple, but many of us do not know how to do this. Being happy is an individual thing. I can give you suggestions, but ultimately you know what makes you smile and be happy. For instance I put on loud music and start dancing around to feel happy. Try to look at a baby or puppy and not feel happy. Taking a nap can even help you reset your negative thoughts and refresh your energy. So go out, get happy and create the life you want!!

With love, and happiness, Deirdre Abrami